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Net101 began as an internet training company in Southern California in 1995. Originally we offered live training classes to people interested in learning to use the internet for their business. It soon became evident that our students needed help building their websites, so we started providing that service in January of 1996.

In 2000, we created a website that over the years became one of the largest independently owned travel sites on the internet. In August of 2011, we sold the travel site and began to consult again using the experience of owning and operating the business to help others succeed in their online ventures.

We have worked with clients large and small and we have always made a point of educating our clients on the latest methods of marketing which helps them make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Stormy Knight

Stormy Knight

Founder & Partner

Stormy is an internet marketing speaker and writer. She wrote the original “20 Reasons To Put Your Business On The World Wide Web”back in 1995, one of the first articles that outlined how small businesses can successfully use the internet for marketing.

Marc Harris

Marc Harris

Founder & Partner

Marc has extensive experience in SEO, content creation, website development and internet marketing. He is a moderator at WebmasterWorld, one of the largest websites for news and discussions geared toward website professionals.

We’ve worked with several of our clients for more then two decades, which in our business is a very long time. Net101 continues to be a place where we serve the internet marketing needs of businesses large and small through our long experience in the online marketing industry and our commitment to maintaining up-to-the-minute information for our clients.

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