People Are Busy.
You Are Busy.
Let Net101’s Automation Do The Heavy Lifting.

Is there anything as silly as the back and forth emails, misread “that’s the time I am NOT available” messages – it gets you off on the wrong foot before their new project with you is discussed.

Why not let them pick the time that works for them? By making it easy to book time with your company, you can get farther, faster and show that you care about being convenient. You also avoid the maintenance necessary to make sure that time slots are not overbooked or double-booked. Nobody likes sending that dreaded email that makes your company look like you don’t know what you are doing. This is never good.

Automating your appointments gets the relationship off to a great start and keeps everyone on the same page. It’s the kind of thing that leads to higher proposal acceptance, clearer communication, and more happy reviews.

Set a time to schedule a call with Net101 on our automated appointment software and we’ll show how much easier and scalable it is to maintain one calendar to rule them all.