Automated Email, Phone & SMS Follow-Up

Your Prospects Are On The Go.
Reach Them No Matter Where They Are.

How many times have you played phone tag? Thousands of times, right?

What if you could effortlessly contact folks who have already shown interest in working with you by phone? Then, if you don’t reach them, SMS them and if you don’t get a response to that, send another SMS? Goodbye phone tag, Hello way higher connection percentages.

For everything from appointment confirmations to what time crews will be on-site, to special limited-time offers, every time you don’t make a connection, you lose.

You see, some folks don’t check their email every day, or every week for that matter. Some folks don’t answer their phone and some folks don’t jump when a text comes in or even use text. Don’t assume because you tried to contact them via one of these three methods and you didn’t get a response that they’re gone for good.

Three is better than one, and that means more new clients without depending on one communication method alone. And when you are moving people from interest to job start, you can even move them to make an appointment with you using all three channels. Why don’t you make an appointment with Net101 today? We will discuss where your marketing may be losing folks through poor communication and get them back on track to working with you.