A Single Place For Prospect Communication.
A Single Place For Sales Process Management.

Things slip through the cracks when you have multiple places where you track lead and client data.

  • Have you checked them all today?
  • Do they speak to one another?
  • Are you manually updating the lead that came in via email yesterday to your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) today?
  • Has anyone called them yet?

If you are asking these questions, chances are nobody from your office has called them back and one of your competitors (that they also left a message with) has already set an appointment with them.

Other Items Included in our Lead Authority Package:
Appointment Automation
Email and SMS Messaging
Lead Chat for your website

Using Net101, when someone responds to an offer or visits your website, their interaction with a form or funnel puts them automatically into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. When they interact with your messages, their interaction is tagged in their CRM record on Net101’s software so you know where they are in your sales process at any time.

If they sign up for a call or your email list, their info moves automatically into your sales pipeline via Net101’s software. Every method that they used to contact you is available in one spot, so you have ONE PLACE to communicate with them and see where they are in the big picture of your sales cycle.

No cracks to fall into. Simple, Efficient, Effective. That is your business when you use Net101.