Understanding Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence Using Our 10 Reasons To Start Facebook Messenger Marketing

Picture of Woman Working At A DeskAre your email open rates getting you down? Maybe Facebook ads were doing great a year or two ago but recently have fallen flat? Many things that worked previously have probably slipped in their effectiveness. But there is another option that works better for getting new customers than:

  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Push notification

It is inexpensive, fast, simple, targeted and you probably have never tried it before. What is it?

Facebook Messenger Marketing With Chatbots.

Here are some stats to show that marketing on Facebook Messenger isn’t the future – it’s right now.

  • 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger and that number is growing exponentially
  • 11% of the world’s population uses Messenger
  • 50% of U.S. teens use Messenger DAILY
  • Daily Messenger usage is higher than Facebook itself
  • 75% of Facebook users access Facebook (& Messenger) via mobile devices, so creating marketing solutions that provide an excellent mobile experience is extremely powerful
  • As opposed to people who have “Liked” your business page, 100% of those who have connected with you through Facebook Messenger will see your message when you communicate with them. Currently, if someone has liked your page, less than 5% will see anything you post from your business page in their News Feed

Chances are you haven’t tried Facebook Messenger Marketing because you think it’s too complicated and therefore, too expensive.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you work with a company like Net101 that has a wealth of online marketing experience, we can create a solution to meet all of your marketing goals at a very low cost and keep customers engaged with you 24/7 for the price of a couple of coffees per day.

Since Facebook Messenger Marketing is so new, it’s hard to for most business people and marketers to wrap their heads around what they could, and should, be doing with Facebook Messenger. So here are 10 ideas to get you started.

1) Delivering Messages and Content

Facebook Messenger messages have a 70-80% open rate in the first 60 minutes. Here is a breakdown of those stats:

Email: Open Rate = 20 -30%, Clicks from Email (Avg.) = 2.1%

Messenger: Open Rate = 70% – 80%, Clicks from Messenger (Avg.) = 13%

That’s a 619% improvement on clicks to the content you want your customers to go to. Email simply can’t come close to the numbers that Facebook Messenger can provide.

Clearly, if your marketing requires direct communication, and I can’t imagine a business where it does not, your message will get where it needs to go faster and farther through Facebook Messenger.

2) Generate Leads
Conversion on Facebook Messenger can run from between 40% – 70% from the point of initial entry to your Messenger account, which is literally unheard of in email. You can use our SalespersonBots to answer many of the common questions visitors have for your business. You also have the ability to use video, audio, file downloads in your messages to move people closer to purchase.

3) Run More Effective Facebook Ads
Of course, to generate leads you need to get people to connect with you on Facebook Messenger. Luckily, there are many ways of doing that (call or email us for more ideas). The best currently is through Facebook Advertising. Facebook recently changed their algorithm to push down ads that take visitors outside of Facebook and reward ads that don’t. That is why your Facebook ad conversion has recently shot way down. “Send to Messenger” ads, in contrast, are doing extremely well.

4) Build An Email List While You Building Your Facebook Messenger List
Even though opens and clicks from email lists are usually low, an email list has one distinct advantage over Facebook Messenger – they are controlled by you, not Facebook. If the last year has taught the marketing community anything, it’s that Facebook is going to keep changing their model in the future. However, you can ask for email addresses as part of delivering value to the people who join you on Messenger, should Facebook ever change their policy on business use and as an alternative to communicating with your clients and customers in the future if they leave Facebook.

5) You Can Engage Past Visitors To Your Website
Did someone visit your website but not take the action you wanted them to? Reach out with them by adding the Facebook Pixel tracking code to your website and offer them a special deal through sponsored messages on Facebook. Ecommerce sites can re-engage people who abandoned their carts, even car dealers, loan brokers, insurance services, hair salons, it doesn’t matter – anytime someone visits your website and doesn’t take the action you want them to, you have the opportunity to make an offer they can’t refuse. Almost every industry can improve their bottom line by engaging the right person at the right time.

6) Provide Awesome Customer Support
People expect customer support through social media. What if most of your customers could get directly to the information about your business that they need without you or your team lifting a finger? It would make it easier to buy from you AND move prospective customers further down the buying process while saving your sales team’s resources. Surveys show 63% of users feel more positive about a business when they can communicate via messaging. 56% of Messenger users said they would rather message a business than call or search for information. On the flip side, 30% of consumers said they would go to a competitor if a company does not respond on social media.

7) Create Powerful 1-to-1 Marketing
As people join and engage with you on Messenger, you can create tags to track what promotion they were originally interested in, what their city is, and any other information that they feel comfortable sharing with you. So maybe you are having a promotion in some of your Messenger contacts’ home city? There is no need to blast every one of your Messenger connections, just use the tags you set up originally to segment your list and know that your message is getting to just the right people.

8) Deliver Great Content That Makes  Better Customers
Businesses often need to educate their customers to help them make smart decisions. Let’s say you’re a plant nursery or maybe an appliance store.  How are they going to make their new tomato plant do well or what do they need to know to buy the best mattress for their needs? You can use videos on demand and drip content to get your customers the best possible information at just the right time to make a successful purchase and a long-term happy customer that refers others to you.

9) Offer Payment Options and Direct Purchase Through Messenger Chat
Many Facebook Messenger communication tools offer direct payment through Messenger. But even if your communication tools does not have direct payment, it is easy to add other payments, such as PayPal, Eventbrite and others to make mobile payments one click outside of Messenger super easy.

10) Create A Uniquely Engaging Mobile Experience For Your Business
As mentioned above, 75% of Facebook and Messenger users use a mobile device to access these platforms. And 57% of mobile users use their mobile devices to text via Messenger or another texting platform several times per day. Texting is a natural part of most people’s mobile usage and they would appreciate a platform that makes asking for information about your products and services as easy and simple as having a conversation with a friend.

As your customers and your marketing become more mobile, it is important to regularly review how your prospective clients and customers are finding your business, interacting with your business and purchasing from your business.  Building a sales process through Facebook Messenger can separate your company from your competition and position you for the increasingly mobile world we all live in.

Please contact Net101 to discuss your needs. It’s far easier and cheaper than you might imagine.

P.S. Here is the “20 Reasons To Put Your Business On The World Wide Web” that I wrote 25 years ago. I believe Facebook Messenger Marketing offers the same level of opportunity to every business as a website did in 1995. 🙂