Google Business Profile Authority

• Give Google What They Need To Feel Confident About Showing Your Company In Search Results.
• Give Prospects What They Need To Feel Confident About Contacting You.

Google’s product is great search results. When Google feels confident that showing your business information is a great search result for “solar installation”, then your leads increase naturally.

Thousands of things beyond your control can affect where exactly you will show up in search results, but making sure that Google is not confused and your statements about who you are, where you do business, and that everything about your business is consistent goes a long way to getting you in front of your competitors.

But the just-as-important part of optimizing your Google Business Profile is how you look to your prospects.

You see, if someone is researching a big ticket purchase like a solar power system or battery backup or both, they spook easily. Imagine if you were doing that kind of research and you suddenly started to notice the following:

  • The Google Business Profile said you were located in one city but the website said another city.
  • A directory said the company provided financing but there is no mention on the website.
  • The website, Google Business Profile, and the BBB had different company names and different phone numbers.
  • There were few or no reviews on any platform, including Google. And they were bad. 🙁

Would you want to do business with that company? Well, Google wouldn’t either.

Using Net101 to generate Google Authority, gives both Google and your prospects to feel safe and confident in your professionalism. Nothing that scares both people and Google spiders away.

No webs to fall into. Simple, Efficient, Effective. That is your business when you use Net101.