A Digital Marketing Expert, Consultant & Speaker

What Stormy’s listeners say:

  • By far the best of the three sessions I attended.
  • Stormy did a good job of providing a balanced point of view – both pros and cons were discussed.
  • Excellent speaker. She can sell ice cubes to Eskimos.
  • Excellent presentation, she gave a great example that helped us visualize the good, bad & ugly.
  • This info helps with ideas that will make money now!!
Stormy Knight

Stormy Knight

Founder & Partner

Stormy Knight is an exciting, professional speaker that can bring your audience new understanding of today’s business-critical internet technologies and how to use them to increase sales, customers and profits.


Stormy is the author of the world-famous 20 Reasons to put your Business on the Web and has more then 25 years of experience using the internet and social media to communicate effectively with clients and customers.

From 1990 to 1994, Stormy Knight owned an environmental products mail-order catalog. In 1994, while searching for new ways to improve her catalog’s profitability, she investigated putting her catalog online and realized the Internet would revolutionize the way business’ reached their customers.

Stormy began teaching Internet classes for both the public and small business people in 1995 and began designing websites and offering SEO consulting services in January of 1996. After over 25 years of working with businesses to develop their online presence, she has gained extensive experience in the possibilities and pitfalls that the Internet offers. She can provide a unique “bottom-line” approach to learning more about internet marketing.