Google recently announced “My Account”, a new privacy control hub. It’s a centralized place to ask questions about your own Internet security.  This new privacy area shows users what personal information is already available to Google and how you can change it.

Here are some of the things you can do with My Account:

    • Take the Privacy Checkup and Security Checkup, our simple, step-by-step guides through your most important privacy and security settings.
    • Manage the information that can be used from Search, Maps, YouTube and other products to enhance your experience on Google. For example, you can turn on and off settings such as Web and App Activity, which gets you more relevant, faster search results, or Location History, which enables Google Maps and Now to give you tips for a faster commute back home.
    • Use the Ads Settings tool to control ads based on your interests and the searches you’ve done.

Read more here: Official Google Blog: Keeping your personal information private and safe—and putting you in control

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