Reputation & Reviews

Google Loves Reviews.
Your Prospects Do Too.

Net101 Can Help You Win More Reviews And Prospects.

There are a lot of things that Google wants to know about your business. What they want to see, however, are lots of reviews. There is nothing that rewards you more than natural-looking reviews for your business. But there is an even more important audience for your reviews:


Purchasing your product and/or services is a “what if I pick the wrong company” project for many people. Most prospects are going to do a tremendous amount of due diligence about your company when looking for someone in your industry. And the #1 thing they are going to start with is looking are your reviews. They will read them, and they will see if the reviews address, pro or con, the things they are worried about in purchasing from your company.

We can automate the entire review request process so that you get more reviews and more complete reviews. Or, if you prefer,  we can make it so you manually trigger the initial request and then all of the other parts of the process happen automatically. It’s up to you.

Make sure you’re not missing these important parts of your digital marketing. Set a time for a call to discuss where your reviews and reputation are compared to your competitors.