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Ask about the Google Partner Program

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Net101 is a Google Partner
specializing in AdWords

Google’s AdWords advertising program can help you reach new customers that may otherwise never find your business. The program is very powerful and works well when properly implemented. You can set your own budget and pause or stop the ads anytime you want. There is no minimum spending limit, so if you want to experiment with different ads to see what works and what doesn’t, it will not break the bank.

Net101 is one of a handful of agencies in Northern California that has been certified as a Google Partner specializing in AdWords accounts. We can help you create ads, set a budget and set up your AdWords account. We will monitor your progress with weekly reports and send them to you via email. If you have never used AdWords before, we may be able to get you a special coupon good for up to $100 of free advertising.

How Our AdWords Program Works

We will setup an AdWords account with feedback from your representatives. This project will consist of a number of parts:

  • Review with you what customer action is optimal for Adwords.
  • Research to see if there are multiple possible categories for ads or multiple actions necessary for successful ad marketing and review these with you for approval.
  • Perform keyword research to determine best keywords to use in your AdWords account. We will write at least 3 ads per each client campaign that is setup.
  • Receive full client approval of all included content and keywords.
  • Connect your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts to verify what amount of traffic is coming from AdWords, this will show you which ads are converting.

Ongoing AdWords Maintenance

Google AdWords requires monitoring and optimization for the best results. We provide the following services in our proposal to improve ongoing AdWords performance:

  • Review with you what your ongoing advertising spend, keywords and ad position already is or will be and what to expect going forward.
  • Monthly report of work done, ad spend, ad response compared to your goals and current ad standings compared to previous months.
  • Weekly ad spend updates. 1 hour monthly consultation for improved performance (non-cumulative).