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Has Your Website Been Removed From Google’s Searches?

Net101 will use our decades of experience to find the reasons behind your website's removal and address each of the issues. This may include: Locating links to your website from "Bad Neighborhoods" and submitting a list of them to Google. We...

Google Is Fighting Back At Robo Callers

Google is starting to educate the public  about robo caller abuses in their name.

From Google:
“Robocall scams are automated phone calls using recorded messages that may ask you to press a button to speak to a sales rep. Google doesn’t make these calls, so if it’s not a real person right from the start (and you didn’t request an automated call from us), it’s not Google.

Another Reminder to Disable Flash 

Yet one more reason to disable Flash in your browser:
In case you weren’t already aware that Flash is useless trash that you should disable immediately, consider the sad tale of last week’s malvertising attack on Yahoo.