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Shopify is one of the largest commerce platforms in the world with well over 320,000 active online shops. We love working with Shopify, but even more, we love seeing our clients do well in the search engines. Our search engine optimization combined with Shopify, can help you find more customers.

Have you wanted to know how to get better search engine rankings with your Shopify website? If so, we’re the company to call. We focus on the current best practices and guidelines of the major search engines. We will use our own online marketing program to improve your search engine rankings.

Net101 will review your Shopify website to make sure that proper SEO procedures are implemented and your site is optimized to rank you above your competitors. If we locate any issues on your site, we will discuss them with you to and tell you the proper actions to take.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Keyword research for both your industry and the market you serve
  • Research on any local competitors you may have
  • Review your current search engine standings
  • Recommendations for future website improvement
  • Review websites and directory listing websites audit
  • Consulting on setting up a review program with your past, present and future clients