Is Your Non-Secure Website Scaring Off Potential Clients?

Starting in October 2017, the Chrome browser (the largest browser currently in use worldwide with over 60% share) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on a web page that is not secure. This could drive off potential customers when they...

Another Reminder to Disable Flash 

Yet one more reason to disable Flash in your browser:
In case you weren’t already aware that Flash is useless trash that you should disable immediately, consider the sad tale of last week’s malvertising attack on Yahoo.

Keeping your personal information on Google private and safe

Google recently announced “My Account”, a new privacy control hub. It’s a centralized place to ask questions about your own Internet security.  This new privacy area shows users what personal information is already available to Google and how you can change it.

AT&T Is Going To Start Selling Your Info

Hot off of the heals of the announcement by Twitter that they will start tracking your movement on the internet, AT&T announced via their privacy policy that they will begin to sell their customer’s information to third parties. The new program will allow...