Your Website Visitors Have Questions. Web Chat Has The Answers.

When your prospects go online to shop for their residential solar energy system, they have questions. Lots of them. And the sale won’t be completed until they have all the answers.

But what you may not realize is the sale won’t get started until you convince them that you have the answers they are looking for. The easiest way to make that happen is to greet them with a smile and ask them if they have any questions.

Of course, you and your staff are probably a little too busy to wait on every website visitor that stops by. That’s where a web chat bot comes in. A Net101 bot can ask the new website visitor if they have any questions, answer their basic questions and then collect the visitor’s contact information for further follow up by your staff if requested.

Not only does Web Chat show that you want to answer their questions, it allows your website to stand out from your competitors and generate far more leads than it it is doing now. And these folks are ready to buy – they just want to work with a company that can answer their questions.