New Clients With Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing

Are you taking out newspaper and yellow pages ads, but they just aren’t bringing in new customers or getting the phone to ring? How people look for and find products and services are changing rapidly and to get these new customers you need change as well.

Some recent online marketing statistics to think about:

  • What percentage of all purchases begin with internet research? ~Pew Internet 60%
  • What percentage of all purchases for those under 35 begin with internet research? ~Harris Interactive 83%
  • What percentage of local business searches are performed on smartphones? ~Google 50%
  • What percentage of local mobile searchers visit a business found via mobile search within 48 hours? ~AT&T 43%

Every one of these percentages are going up as you read this. Every single day.

The good news for small business is that the combination of Google, Yahoo and Bing equals about 95% of all search. These “Big Three” have made local pages available to all small businesses and have created a set of rules for businesses to follow that allows those small businesses to score well in search engine results for local users. Net101 can claim those pages for you and work with you to optimize both your website and your search engine pages so that when local prospects search for your products and services, they’ll find you and like what they see.

Steps we take to improve your rankings:

  • Review your existing website and change or add appropriate content to attract potential customers.
  • Submit your business to the major local search websites such as Google+ Local, Bing Places and dozens of other “review/citation” sites specific to your industry.
  • Examine the existing review/citation sites that list your business and make sure they have consistent information across each one.
  • If needed, we can build a responsive website that gives prospects what they need when they are on the move and ready to buy.
  • Provide analytics so that we can monitor and improve your website sales over time.
  • Help you create a web presence that serves your customers and prospects in the best way possible.

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